Monday, 24 March 2008

Is the Day that I Meant to Post More Pictures...

But was too cold to take any.

So, it's more sheep instead. Omelette is the cream one and Pudding is the black. Both ewe lambs from this year.

It has been really bitter here today. The wind was at my back when I went up to feed the sheep, but when I turned to admire the sunshine on the valley, the icy blast across my face caught me by complete surprise and I had to turn my back on the view.

It snowed as we were winching up the fallen oak branch from 'the bank' (an almost vertical rockface to the stream). 'What am I doing?' I thought. 'Why am I not in a hot bath?'

However, we now have a rank of cut oak logs, a hot fire in the lounge and we've eaten.

Oh, and I got the hot bath. Bliss!


Folk Art From The Heart said...

I would like to tag you..¤Ü¤.
Here are the rules:

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VickiCockcroft said...

Oh dear. This is the second time I've been 'tagged'.

The only problem is that I don't understand the instructions, so I can't do it!!

And that's right from the start, 'Link to your tagger.....

If someone can explain, in detail, what I'm trying to do and how to do it, I'll give it a go!