Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Fanfare for the Pond

Here it is.

I did say it was a very small pond!

But it makes good use of the old sink.

Now, I need to explain that this is only for the ducks to wash their faces in. Apparently, they don't actually need a swimming area, but they do need a washbasin for their eyes.

So, they will start with this and a proper pond will be dug, as time goes on. By someone other than me!!

In the meantime, as you may be able to see from the photos, I have puddled one of two areas near the current 'pond'.

You will also notice that it is tastefully positioned under the shade of a tree and that I have created this project in the Spring in order to get the grass growing round it as soon as possible.

Anyone who laughs at this project will be shunned. It was very cold, it was very wet, the sink wouldn't sink and I got mud in my wellies.

I shall take another picture when the sun is out and the grass has grown and the tree is in leaf. Until then, please employ imagination!!


Arty Allsorts said...

Looks like heaven to me, Vicki. My mum could tell you about 20 different stories of me loosing my wellies in deep muddy puddles and ponds when I was little and when we had a garden pond - I was in there barefoot to help clean it out! Hate sticky hands tho' - weird eh? :)

VickiCockcroft said...

Well, I just hope you weren't cleaning out that garden pond in March or your feet would have frozen!!

Thanks for your comment, it will be heaven in the summer, I'm sure.

Nodin's Nest said...

I used to have a small pond here in florida before my dog "Spirit" decided it was a splashing hole. It was alot of fun, I had lots of frogs and minnows there. Well until she ate the frogs too! I sure your ducks will love it!

Karma by Morgan said...

that is so cute - a duck face wash pond! way to recycle! good for you - i cant wait to see pictures of the duck using it!

Kerry said...

What a great idea to repurpose a sink! I think your pond is marvelous.

VickiCockcroft said...

Well, I just can't bear anything to go to waste. So I always look for a way of using things up! This does lead to a rather full shed, most of the time.

I'm glad you both approve of my 'recycling' - I'll really try and post pictures of grass and ducks when I have both.