Tuesday, 3 February 2009


So. No eggs today. I can only assume they really don't like the snow. Instead of egg news, therefore, I have taken some atmospheric photos...not as much snow as expected, predicted or feared, but it's blocked the lane, nevertheless.

Here you go.

Dogger (the cat) seems to get into a lot of the photos of the ducks. I've cropped him from some of them, but he's still there in one!

And Puff (who is a Silkie cockerel and not a duck) has managed to make an appearance too.

He gets bullied by Charlie, so he lives with the ducks. The fact that he is white does not mean that he is pretending to be a duck, it is purely coincidental!

He's another 'daft as a brush' animal, of the type we seem to inherit. Not much good at being a cockerel with the hens, but a great character. The ducks don't seem to mind him and he has the Pekins to play with during the day, so I don't think his life is a bad one.

Oh, and he gets extra rations just for being who he is.


Linda said...

I love the wonderful creamy white of th4e ducks against the snow.

VickiCockcroft said...

I know. It's amazing, because when there is no snow, the ducks look absolutely brilliant white. It's only when you see them against the snow that you realise they're this creamy colour really.

Glad you're continuing to enjoy them.