Monday, 2 February 2009


Yay. Today we have one, clean, freshly laid, white and beautiful duck egg.

They've got the hang of the laying box and, now that I've turned it sideways, the eggs are not rolling out and down the hill.

The other ducks (which I presume have not yet laid) are waddling in and out of the box, clearly considering whether to lay or not, which is a very good sign.

So, I am half confidently predicting that we are in duck egg production mode. I shall, of course, update with progress.

In the meantime, we do not yet have the heavy snow which has brought London to a standstill, but I am fairly sure it is on the way. The wind is coming from the North East (ie Russia) and is bitterly cold. The sky is leaden where it is not blue and I will attempt to get photos later in the day, if we get interesting conditions warranting putting on layers of clothing and grabbing the camera.

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