Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hash. Who is as Mad as a Hatter

As you can see, Hash has the most beautiful, brown fleece and it is a joy to spin. She is, however, the maddest sheep I've ever met. Last year she did not have a lamb and we shall be interested to see if she does this year. She certainly looks as though she might, but it's a bit early to be sure. She spent last year playing 'aunt' to the lambs of the other ewes, teaching them to butt and teaching them to jump about.

She hangs alone, a lot of the time and will often go off to find pastures new, leaving the main flock entirely. But she is always first to the food trough and wants to be friendly, but is rather nervous.

Local knowledge suggests that you do sometimes get a sheep like this. Not sure quite who she is or what she's 'for'. We shall see in the fulness of time. But there's no way we would get rid of her, even if she doesn't have a lamb. She's too individual, her fleece is too lovely and she's such a character.

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Re said...

Handsome chap!