Saturday, 7 February 2009


The six nations starts today and I have booked the tele.

I feel the need to blog about this, although it doesn't really 'fit' with the ducks, the sheep and the chickens....

I pretty much abhor everything that surrounds the game of rugby. The drinking, the smutty songs, the macho games and the sneaking eye gouging and ear biting. Not to mention the professionalisation which has, inevitably, produced 'stars' who are continuously injured and overstretched and some very dodgy strategies. Nor the mud, the grime, the blood and the general dangerousness of it all.

But, at the top level, the game itself is something I find completely unmissable. There is nothing quite as exhilerating as, for instance, watching Jason Robinson break away and run past men three times his size and weight, to score a try. And, every time, the Welsh national anthem sung by the crowd, reduces me to tears. Of joy! (Particularly if they then go on to win).

So, there may be few posts over the next few week-ends, while I have my annual fix of the game.

But it does make a change for you all from the least until I've loaded this morning's pond pictures.

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