Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Is the Day I Post the Pictures of My New Lambs

Well, it's taken me long enough to get back to posting. The bug that the whole family had during lambing didn't help! But now I have no bug and three lovely, lovely lambs. Two of them are ram lambs, which isn't exactly ideal, but they are so beautiful I'm sure they'd win prizes (at least at the village fete) and we may end up keeping one of them to breed from the year after next.

We also have six new, little chicks. Photos of them are not so good! They're hard to get photographed well. But I've stuck a couple of pics up anyway, just so that they're here!

And, finally, it looks as though Spring may have arrived. Bit late in the day, I say. And I suspect we are going to miss out on most of spring and move pretty well straight into summer. It's been cold, not very wet and rather boring of late. The grass is not yet growing well, but the nettles are.

I have been much occupied with fighting them back!

Here you go. Lambs and chickens. As promised.

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