Monday, 14 April 2008

Is the Day I Feature Blossom

Blossom is a Golden Sebright. Or at least, that is what she is supposed to be. But actually she thinks she's a person.

Not only does she come to the back door and tap on the cat flap at meal times, she jumps up onto your lap when you sit on the bench, to be hand fed.

And last week-end she marched in through the kitchen and sat by the Aga, eating toast off a plate.

We have tried to discuss this behaviour with her. We have tried to shut her out. She is immovable and insists on coming in, however briefly, once a day to pay her respects.

Now we are all more worried that one day she will get shut in and that we shall find her watching the tele.

She has no fear of the cats, tiny though she is, and will cheerfully give them a beak butt if they irritate her, or look as if they might pounce. They now treat her with great respect.

We have three of these lovely little birds, but she is by far the most audacious. Trinnie and Treasure are friendly too, but not quite as pushy!

That's all for now, folks, I can hear her tapping on the door - it must be breakfast time!


Nodin's Nest said...

She is lovely, I love her color! I think hens are very crafty folk.

Christy DeKoning said...

what a sweetheart. Gorgeous photos of her :-)

LuLu Borealis said...

Loved all the animals! Bird is really a cutie.

I stopped by your Etsy shop, very nice jewelry! :)