Friday, 11 April 2008

Is The Day I Get Featured On Someone Else's Blog

What excitement!


And on such a wonderful blog, too.

I am more than grateful to Tom and would urge you all to go and have a look!

However, I appear to have lost the ability to produce live links on here, so if anyone can remind me how to do it..................I'd be everso grateful.


Rusty of RustedDesigns said...

Hey there, you can put a live link in your post by highlighting whatever word you want to make a link and pressing the little icon that looks like half of a paperclip up at the top of your text posting area and entering the http address in full.

Hope that helps!

VickiCockcroft said...

rusty. You're a star. Thank you so much.

I've published your post so that I can refer to it when I forget how to do it next time!!!