Thursday, 29 January 2009


Not just any old eggs, but duck eggs.

Eggs from the ducks I grew from babies.

Eggs from the ducks I've spent eight months housing, feeding, watering, talking to....



And here's the proof.

It's a pity I didn't spot them before they got dirty (and old). I thought the first one was one of the fake plastic eggs I put in with them. It was only when I found the second one that I realised......

We got eggs.


Lost in the Forest said...

Cool! They will all start laying soon and you'll have too many to know what to do with!
I do wish I could have ducks, but a 3rd floor flat doesn't really suffice, I have to make do with 'the three degrees' when I go and see my parents!

Linda said...

Beautiful, what a history behind these eggs.
I thought Duck Eggs were blue.

VickiCockcroft said...

Lost in the Forest. Mmmm. I have started to make a list of people who might want the eggs for baking....we can't cope with five a day when they really get going!

Nope. Third floor flat not conducive to duck rearing. Glad you have the ones with your parents.

Although, I do know someone who keeps ducks in the backgarden of a very small house over here...and the fox got one of them in the middle of the city. It was awful

VickiCockcroft said...

Linda. I know!!! What a history. But now I hope we're in production proper!

I don't think all duck eggs are blue - but I bet Lost in the Forest could help us out here.

These are definitely duck egss and they're definitely not blue, they're almost white, although the picture doesn't really show that.

So pleased you are both pleased!

Lost in the Forest said...

Our eggs are usually white, there has been one pinkish one that I know of, but no blue.

VickiCockcroft said...

Two more this morning. We're on the way now.

I will google blue duck eggs, Linda, when I get the chance.

But these really are almost translucent white!!

My guess is it depends on the breed of duck.

As I think I've said before, we've got silly neurotic White Campbell ducks. They probably don't know they're supposed to lay blue eggs. They don't know much of anything, really!

Good morning to you both.

Now I have worked out where you both come from, I can make more sense than I did yesterday. The duck which was taken in the night from the middle of the city was taken from the middle of Liverpool! And the magpies have also taken two ducklings from the same backgarden.

It seems that even in the middle of the city, you are not far from 'the wild'.