Friday, 16 January 2009

Charlie Settles in. In the Kitchen

Well, I was warned. This afternoon he casually strolled into the kitchen, with several of his entourage following him. Now, I'm not against this in particular, but it can get messy, so I asked them, politely, to leave.

As you can see, he is settling in well, bless him.

I have managed to stop him fighting with the Pekin cockerel (complicated set of gates and fences between them...) and he is fully established as 'leader of the pack'.

He's actually rather a nice natured cockerel. Some are not so nice. He doesn't make aggressive gestures when I'm around, he doesn't run away, he just potters about. This is good!

And, spring must be on the way, as the eggs are appearing in larger numbers, more frequently.

This week-end, though, we are being threatened with a huge gale tomorrow night, followed by snow and wind. Wonderful.

I won't be here to take pictures, which is a shame, but I will try and take some of Llandudno. For non UK readers, this is a Welsh seaside resort. Lovely in June, pretty grim in January.

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