Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

I subscribe to this movement. I love handmade things. I have two daughters who love handmade things. And we all make handmade things.

There just isn't enough time in each day to 'make' as much as I would like.


Autonomous Artisans said...

I hear what you say. My days just seem to disappear so fast. I have a list of "things too do" as long as my arm! It never seems to get any shorter no matter what I do for as soon as a cross an item off another gets added to the bottom :)

I guess it keeps me out of trouble!

Nice blog. I'm liking the chickens.

VickiCockcroft said...

Mmmm. Do you know that I think this is a personality trait of crafters....not liking to be without something to do.

I'm never happier than when I've got a 'list'!

Today's list included getting a counter to see how many people are reading my blog and looking at my chickens.

I have succeeded with this first item on my list and am delighted that the counter is working, but more so that you have visited and left a comment.

I will add more chickens when I get a bit further down the list.

And Today....I must get onto the second item on the list. One completed isn't really enough, is it?

Hannah Merriman said...

Hmm, list-lovers - friend or foe? I love lists, but not so much as a girl I lived with at university who started every list with "Get up" (tick), "Have breakfast" (tick), "Check list for things to do today" (double tick for having already done two things on the list - or does that make three? - before even having checked the list). Wonderful.

I'm a newie to crafting and all I can say is what a wonderful way to spend time. And HOW QUICKLY the time flies. I've started knitting and I can 'lose' hours without seeing them fly. I love it. And love seeing other people get excited about making thing too.